For many years now, we have been supplying some of the leading wood stove manufacturers with superior, affordable stainless steel manifold tubes that help improve appearance and burning quality for a more efficient, cleaner burning stove.


We've developed custom designed CNC equipment specifically for this process, which not only enables us to accommodate a varying number of holes, spacing lengths, and tube sizes, but also reduces lead time while keeping pricing at a competitive level.


Our punching process ensures that each hole is precise and accurate, with little to no distortion to the tube itself. After the punching process, we can then prepare the tube for installation by attaching mounting or fastening mechanisms that meet the specifications of each individual stove model.


Though we specialize in stainless steel tubes, we also excel in punching aluminum, copper, and plastic materials. If you have other material needs, contact us to see what we can do to help you.


We welcome high volume orders, and are more than happy to produce prototypes to custom specifications for your inspection. Please contact us to see if we are the right stove tube manufacturer to fit your needs.