Folsom Manufacturing is also a fully-equipped fabrication shop with many capabilities, which include (but are not limited to):

  1. Welding
  2. Forming
  3. Punching
  4. Shearing
  5. High-Definition Plasma


We mostly work with stainless steel and carbon, but we are more than capable with other metals, including aluminum, copper, and brass.


Folsom MFG has also been doing the "smaller stuff" since the beginning. Working with both mild and stainless steel, we've produced thousands of mounting and bracing brackets, connector straps, channels, gate roller parts, manifold tubes, dock hinges, and formed round stock.


We continue to make these and countless miscellaneous other parts everyday, with the same dedication and skill we give to all our jobs, big or small.


We have the ability to research and develop new equipment that enables us to produce quality products to our customers.